Nichole feels “Justified” after Meeting Justin Timberlake!

Name: Nichole
Age: 11
State: MI

Wish Kid

Nichole suffers from a condition known as myelomeningocele, a form of spina bifida. The condition left Nichole paralyzed from the waist down, confining her permanently to a wheelchair. Nichole also suffers from several complications of myelomeningocele; hydrocephalus, sometimes called “water on the brain”, which required a surgically planted shunt to drain the excess fluid that causes pressure on her cerebrum and Arnold Chiari malformation, a condition where her brain stem extends abnormally into her spinal column. Nichole also needs oxygen at night and has a tracheostomy to help her breathe.

Nichole’s wish was to meet her idol, Justin Timberlake and she was flown to Los Angeles to meet him and watch his solo concert. At the arena, after watching the band warm up, Nichole was at last introduced to the man of the hour. “I almost started screaming,” said Nichole. “He was so nice! I gave him a necklace I made that said ‘Go Lakers’. He really liked it!” The pair chatted and mugged for the camera. “He was sooo awesome and cute,” she crooned. That night, Nichole had the pleasure of eating dinner at Justin’s own restaurant at the Hyatt. “I ordered his favorite food,” she explained. “Now we have a favorite food in common.”

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