Letitia Feels Like a ‘Big Star’ With Kenny Chesney

Name: Letitia
Age: 17
State: ND

Wish Kid

Letitia was born with spina bifida, a condition that results from a neural tube defect which occurs when the spinal column fails to close completely before birth. Letitia is unable to walk and is confined to a wheelchair. She has had 27 surgeries, half of those in just the last two years. Letitia has been extremely sick during this time and has been experiencing a great deal of pain. She also has a cyst in her brainstem that doctors are unable to remove because of its delicate location. The cyst has cost Letitia movement in her right arm.

Meeting Kenny Chesney in person was definitely a dream come true for this brave teen who says she’s one of his most devoted fans!

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