Kenney Gets the Red Carpet Treatment

Name: Kenney
Age: 8
State: FL

Wish Kid

Kenney suffers from spina bifida and hydrocephalus, which requires a shunt to drain excess fluid and forces him to spend most of his time in a wheelchair. He has undergone 35 surgeries also has a trach tube to assist with his breathing and is fed through a G-tube.

After wishing to meet his hero, Jackie Chan, Kenney found himself Sitting face to face with his idol, talking about all of Mr. Chan’s movies. Kenney had a stuffed bear with him that he named Jackie Chan, so he told Jackie that and the martial artist started laughing. With the ice broken, the two ‘fighters’ even showed each other a sampling of their martial arts moves.

After saying goodbye to his hero, Kenney and his family were invited to attend the exclusive premiere of Jackie Chan’s new movie “Shanghai Knights” the next evening. They arrived in a limo and walked the red carpet like the stars with Kenney waving to all of the people there. After the movie ended, Chan came up to Kenney to see if he enjoyed it and to shake his hand one final time.

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