Jordyn – Hero of the Month

Name: Jordyn
Age: 12
State: Marshfield, WI
Facility: Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

Jordyn Hero of the Month
Hero of the Month Girl

Jordyn and her family told the doctors at the hospital that she was having back pain, headaches and left-sided numbness. After tests, clinic visits and radiology exams, Jordyn was diagnosed with scoliosis and was told she had a Chiari I Malformation. Jordyn is very active in activities such as soccer and dance but her headaches and pain got worse with exercise. Therefore, Jordyn had to have surgery. Her first surgery was in May 2008. This involved shaving part of her hair and removing a portion of her vertebral bone and skull to help relieve pressure from spinal fluid build up. She spent time in the hospital for 5 days before she was discharged. Unfortunately she had to have another surgery this part February due to the return of her symptoms. Her headaches had gotten progressively worse and she wouldn’t participate the way she wanted to in the activities she loved. This time, she was in the hospital for 7 days. During her stay she was bound and determined to participate in activities, even if her body wasn’t ready. She is currently involved in therapies that continue to get her stronger and stronger each day. Jordyn and her family had to overcome many obstacles during both hospital stays and hope they will never have to go through an experience like this again.
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