Jordan – Hero of the Month

Name: Jordan
Age: 5
State: New Haven, CT
Facility: Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Boy

Jordan was admitted to the hospital with hypoxia, increased work of breathing and failure to thrive. Prior to Jordan becoming an inpatient, he suffered from symptoms of a viral upper respiratory infection since Fall 2009. During that time, Jordan visited his Primary Care Physician where he was diagnosed with a common cold. However, his symptoms worsened and he began vomiting and experiencing stomach pains. Upon being admitted to the Infant/Toddler Unit and Intensive Care Unit, Jordan underwent many different medical tests and procedures: a bronchoscopy (leaving him intubated for several days), a lung biopsy, electrocardiogram, sweat test, insertion of several IV’s, and numerous blood draws all while requiring the use of nasal canula or a cold steam mask. His tests revealed a diagnosis of GERD, lactose intolerance and interstitial lung disease, which requires supplemental oxygen on a daily basis. Jordan greets every new person with an exited “hello” and cooperates so well with every medical test and procedure he experiences. When walking through the hallways or tooling around in his wagon, everyone is greeting Jordan and giving him high fives. He is genuinely fun to be with, soft-spoken, engaging, imaginative, and bright. You’ll find Jordan up bright and early many mornings, watching SpongeBob or playing games on his computer. He also enjoys playroom activities and mingling with his peers. He is an adorable, extraordinary young boy who has touched the hearts of so many at Yale New Haven.

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