Godzilla Invades Alex’s Bedroom!

Name: Alex
Age: 6
State: FL

Wish Kid Grahame and the Jonas Brothers

Alex is a sweet little boy who is the only living child with both Cystic Fibrosis and Noonan’s Syndrome. The Noonan’s caused him to be born with four heart defects, requiring him to go through open-heart surgery at only eight weeks old. CF is a chronic lung disease that causes the body to secrete abnormally thick, sticky mucus that clogs the lungs and pancreas. The mucus blocks airways and impedes natural infection-fighting mechanisms, eventually turning the body’s immune system against its own lung tissue. Alex takes several medications each day and also uses pulmo-aide, a percussion vest, and inhalers.

For his wish, Alex wanted to turn his bedroom into a Godzilla-themed “lair.” His wish was granted when his bedroom walls were covered with airbrushed Godzillas in an array of poses, Mothra, and other characters from the Godzilla films. He was also given plenty of other Godzilla items to make the room complete. Out of everything, though, Alex’s favorite is the painting of Godzilla 2000 right over his headboard!

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