Fairfield Teen with Leukemia Investigates with Travel Channel “Ghost Adventures”

A teen suffering from leukemia has her wish to meet the crew of Travel Channel’s show “Ghost Adventures” granted through the generosity of Travel Channel and Kids Wish Network.

Tashia is a teenager for whom everything is an adventure, including her battle with cancer.

After collapsing at home, Tashia was life-flighted to the Oakland Children’s Hospital where she was diagnosed with having acute myelogenous leukemia, or AML, which is a rapidly growing blood cancer. Her doctors immediately started her on chemotherapy treatments and she endured four rounds of chemo while her doctors were searching for a bone marrow match for a possible transplant.

Luckily, Tashia’s older sister Keisha was an identical match and the two girls suffered together through the painful process. After months in the hospital, Tashia was finally allowed to go home.

During Tashia’s time in the hospital, her mother Brandy was told by a social worker about Kids Wish Network, a charity that grants the wishes of children and teens with life-threatening illnesses. Brandy gave the organization a call and found out that Tashia was more than eligible for a wish. When Wish Coordinator Jill asked Tashia what wish she wanted, Tashia told her that she wished to meet the crew of her favorite show, Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” and maybe even accompany them on a paranormal investigation.

According to Brandy, Tashia and her sister have always been interested in the paranormal. In fact, during Tashia’s stay in the hospital, “she looked forward to watching the show every day. She’d find out when it was on, tell me, and we worked a schedule around the show to be able to watch it together…you look forward to doing certain things when you’re there [in the hospital] so long. That just made it better.”

Wish Coordinator Jill arranged for Tashia to meet up with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Godwin from Travel Channel’s show “Ghost Adventures” while they were filming an episode on the reportedly haunted Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet.

Tashia, her mom, her stepfather and her older sister Keisha rode in a limousine to Alameda where the famous ship was docked. The rain and fog set the perfect tone for the teen’s spooky wish.

“It was so cool and they were so nice,” said Tashia about meeting her three favorite paranormal investigators. “They’re really down to earth.”

Tashia and her family were invited by Zak, Nick and Aaron to join them in investigating some of the stranger happenings that had been reported on the ship.

Tashia and her other family members were given various pieces of paranormal investigation equipment and the three hosts explained everything they needed to do to try and evoke a response from whatever entities may be in residence on the Hornet.

“It was so much fun,” said Tashia. “We heard footsteps in the dishwashing room that sounded like military boots. [Beforehand] I thought it would freak me out, but it didn’t…the other group saw a partial apparition cross a doorway…it was just so cool.”

According to Brandy, watching her daughter interact with the Ghost Adventures Crew and learn about paranormal investigations was absolutely wonderful: “When Zak was talking to her [Tashia] about provoking them [the spirits] and telling her that’s what he does, she was just soaking it all up like a sponge. Her smile was just something else. It was just so great!”

Once the initial investigation was over, Tashia was ready to say goodbye to the crew when Zak, Nick and Aaron presented her with a sweatshirt, t-shirt, autographed pictures and even four pieces of their paranormal equipment that they used to investigate with.

According to Tashia, they gave her the flashlight from the side of Aaron’s camera, two different EMS detectors and an infrared laser thermometer. “I’ve used them like every five minutes since I got home,” said Tashia.

An extra added surprise came when Zak took his necklace off and placed it around Tashia’s neck. When asked if she had taken it off since her wish, Tashia quickly replied that she never would.

“That night [of the wish], when I went in [to the hotel room] to check on Tashia and Keisha… Tashia was asleep on the bed with her new sweatshirt on and she had some of the equipment they gave her spread out around her on the bed,” said Brandy.

In addition to the ghost hunt, Jill also arranged for Tashia and her family to enjoy some sightseeing in San Francisco by sending them to the Aquarium of the Bay and the California Academy of Sciences.

Of her wish, Tashia said, “It was more than I could’ve imagined…I’m already planning a few investigations of my own.”

“They all went above and beyond,” said Brandy of the generosity of the Travel Channel stars. “I can’t thank Zak, Nick and Aaron enough. The time they spent meant a lot more to Tashia than they’ll ever know. It’s definitely something we’ll never forget.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following for helping to make Tashia’s wish extra special: “Ghost Adventures” and the Travel Channel; Argonaut Hotel; San Francisco Recreation and Parks; McCormick & Kuleto’s Seafood Restaurant; CapitoLimousine; Blue Mermaid Chowder House; Aquarium of the Bay; California Academy of Sciences; and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.

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Published: 03/05/10


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