Claire – Hero of the Month

Name: Claire
Age: 12

Hero of the Month Girl

Before Clare was admitted to the hospital, she was an active young lady who enjoyed participating in various activities with her friends. Upon coming to the ER for high fevers, Clare was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis. The rapid breakdown of muscle can cause serious damage to the kidneys, which can result in acute kidney failure. This diagnosis changed this active young lady’s life instantly. For two weeks, Clare had to remain in the hospital to receive fluids that would help to lover the levels of CPK in her bloodstream. These fluids were essential to stopping the breakdown of the muscle and preventing damage to her kidneys. One precaution that had to be taken during Clare’s hospital stay was that she couldn’t put any weight or pressure on her muscles. This meant that she was confined to a wheelchair when she wanted to get out of bed. Throughout her time at the hospital, she remained upbeat and positive. She always had a smile on her face and never complained about her circumstance. For most patients her age, this experience would have been a difficult one to cope with. She was forced to depend on others to accomplish daily tasks that she was always able to do on her own before. Because of her positive attitude, Clare was an inspirations to the staff that had the opportunity to take care of her during those two weeks.
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