Andrew Loved Meeting Mickey Mouse!

Name: Andrew
Age: 3
State: ID

Wish Kid

When he was just one-year-old, Andrew was diagnosed with having a condition called Congenital Tufting Enteropathy. This is a disorder of the intestinal tract in which his body is unable to absorb the vital nutrients he needs to grow. Because of this, Andrew cannot gain weight and he is chronically dehydrated.

His doctors put Andrew on an IV “diet” of total parenteral nutrition or (TPN), which provides all of the body’s nutrients and essential vitamins without actual food, and that helped for a time. However, the IV line the doctors inserted to provide Andrew with his TPN got infected and he was hospitalized in the ICU for days before they withdrew the line. Andrew has since had a feeding tube installed to try to give him all the nutrients he needs. Because of the severity of his condition, Andrew’s immune system is severely weak to all sorts of infections and illnesses and it will only get harder for him to fight off these infections as time goes by.

For his wish, Andrew wanted to visit Disneyland in California. Not only did he get to visit Disneyland, he also got to visit Legoland and Disney’s California Adventure as well! Out of all the amazing things he got to experience, Andrew loved riding the rides, watching the shows and, of course, meeting Mickey Mouse.

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