I rarely commit to New Year’s Resolutions. I figure, why set myself up for a.) failure; b.) disappointment; c.) frustration; or d.) all of the above? But this year – for no reason in particular – I decided to put forth a list of attainable goals. After all, who doesn’t love a challenge? Apparently, me.

As I approach the 2-month mark, I’m sad to report that I haven’t fulfilled any of my goals. Granted, there were some I had no control over. For example, I wanted to run my first half-marathon before the summer, but clumsy me – I broke my ankle while training for said marathon. (It’s a good thing I don’t believe in signs or I’d never lace up again.) I also vowed to relinquish my first-grade-like eating habits in exchange for healthier fare. Although that looks easy on paper (and sounds GREAT in my head), relinquishing my top food groups – sugar, salt and carbs – has been, well, impossible. So, instead of battling my “devil self” every waking hour of the day, I’ve decided to give up (read: cut down) on cursing instead. (Note to self: gotta’ work on that one too.)

Speaking of which, “sacrifice” is a word our HERO OF THE MONTH children know all too well, and they don’t get to pick and choose for giggles either. Every month, our team receives stories of boys and girls who have had to give up their favorite sports/extracurricular activities; time with friends, family, and pets; holidays; school; and in extreme cases, the ability to do such everyday tasks such as eat, walk, dress themselves, etc. For example, this month I received a story about a 15-year old boy whose snowboarding accident resulted in severe head trauma. As a result of this terrible accident, this high schooler is learning his numbers & colors all over again, and tying his own shoelaces is a frustrating challenge.

The upside to working with these facilities through our HERO OF THE MONTH program, is that we – in a very small way – can contribute to their healing and recuperation by honoring/recognizing them for their brave and courageous ways. No one enjoys giving up a passion or cherished item – not counting trivial joys like TV, Internet or a sugary snack – but when you are forced to surrender someone or something in an unexpected or traumatic manner, it truly feels like a piece of you is missing. If our HERO gift package can supply them with a sliver of hope and/or help restore that missing fragment, then we’ve done our job!

HOTM Facility Coordinator

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