Nicole – Hero of the Month

Name: Nicole
Age: 5
State: Omaha, NE
Facility: Nebraska Medical Center

Hero of the Month Girl

Nicole is a bubbly 5-year-old girl who came to Nebraska Medical after being hit by a car while riding her bike. During the accident, her right foot went under the wheel of the car, which crushed her foot, and caused “degloving” (peeling) of the skin, muscle, and tissue down to the bone. She sustained nerve damage to her foot and currently has no sensations up to her ankle. Nicole has undergone multiple dressing changes, at least 5 surgeries since the accident last week for irrigation and debridement of her foot, as well as beginning reconstruction to the damaged areas, and will require more in the upcoming days/months along with physical therapy to help her in the healing process.

Through it all, this little girl remains upbeat with a smile on her face aimed at whoever enters her room. She’s cooperative, is working hard at recovery, and is really helping her parents hold it together through this difficult and painful hospitalization thanks to her positive attitude and bravery. She is an amazing, happy, and talkative little girl who is not letting this severe injury get her down. (And for a five-year old, that is something to be commended for!!) She is a true inspiration to the team at N.M.C.!

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