My Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored!

You would think that working at a children’s charity everything would be all smiles, rainbows and sunshine. Let me be the first to tell you that is not the case. We run into difficult parents, impossible wish requests and, lately it seems, children whose hearts get broken because someone lacking the morale compass of a decent human being has taken it upon themselves to steal a child’s gift card and use it for what they deem a more important purpose. While this isn’t an everyday occurrence, it seems to be happening more and more. We have done everything we can on our end to ensure that the gift card makes it to the actual recipient but there are some things that are even outside the grasp of a wish granting organization (go figure…)

When this occurs there isn’t really much we can do about it. We could attempt to track the purchases and put together a bullet proof case and pray some law enforcement agency across the country would take some interest and set wrongs right, but that doesn’t happen. The end result? Kids who continue to sit in hospitals and shelters suffering quietly while someone else takes what is rightfully theirs.

Until now… One facility has stepped up and restored my faith in humanity! Unfortunately this facility faced a string of bad luck where not just gift cards, but entire packages for children were disappearing. They couldn’t explain it and didn’t try to brush it under the rug or make excuses; they opened their own internal investigation into the matter. While the outcome is still pending, they recognized the bigger, more important matter at hand – the children who didn’t get their packages. They stepped up and put up the money to replace the packages and gift cards for the children! When I got this news, all I could say was “Awww, good for them!” They recognized the wrong and did their best to correct it.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t even have to discuss this issue, but to know there are still decent people out there who look to make things a little easier for these kids who have gone through so much makes the hard days a little easier.

And to that facility – Thank You!! It means more to us than you will EVER know!

HOTM Facility Coordinator


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