Megan – Hero of the Month

Name: Megan
Age: 4
State: Indiana
Facility: Lutheran Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

Megan is a very special 4 year old. We have worked with her for awhile and all of her hospitalizations were due to a seizure disorder. She has been diagnosed for years with intractable seizures and been on heavy doses of medications to keep the seizures under control. Megan was in a special needs class but was not able to attend class due to the seizures. She has had to wear a helmet due to seizures and falling down. Megan is a typical child in that she lives with her family, goes to school, and has great support. Her seizures have caused problems with going to the library, shopping, and church. She has had multiple hospitalizations due to her seizures, lots on long days of treatments and therapy sessions, and stress on her family! About six months ago Megan was placed on a Ketogentic diet to control her seizures. Megan has a special calculated diet that puts her body into ketoacidosis and when in that state, her body is able to reduce or stop the seizure activity. The stress of this diet on the child and family is huge because on slip from the diet will put the child back into intractable seizures. For Megan her feeding are measured out and there are side effects that the team has to monitor to assure her body is adjusting and it is successful. The hospital stay to get the family trained and comfortable is about 5 days and then it is a HUGE lifestyle change for all involved. Everything has to be sugar free (medications to toothpaste) no lotion or soaps that will be absorbed, and everything is calculated to the grams. This diet has miraculous results in controlling seizures and getting the child back into a normal lifestyle. It is a very worthwhile endeavor for the children and families to take on and many children have been able to come off medications to regain their skills and help them recover. Megan has recently been hospitalized due to complications of the diet and she is not eating very well. We have been working with her family trying to direct this strong willed child back into the routine of the diet and back on track. This nomination would be a well needed lift to get her back on track! Her mother said she loves movies and DVD’s when she is having a bad day. She deserves a great big cheer up and I think this is a great way to allow her some control in a situation that she has been totally unable to control! We are excited to nominate her to your wonderful program. Thanks in advance for your consideration of her.

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