Jonathan – Hero of the Month

Name: Jonathan
Age: 8

Hero of the Month Boy

Jonathan is a sweet 8-year-old boy who has been receiving occupational, physical and speech therapy for over three years. He was involved in a car accident when just three weeks old and suffered a head injury resulting in hemiplegia, limiting the use of his left side. Some of his current challenges include, but are not limited to: balance issues, abnormal gait due to lower extremity and ankle weakness, coordination difficulties, speech issues, and overall developmental delay. Although he faces these challenges daily, he tries to appear as “normal” as possible and participates in activities with his peers. Jonathan even plays on the baseball team for his class with no accommodations made, although he often has difficulty keeping up with his teammates.

Currently, Jonathan is struggling academically due to his difficulties in processing new material (as a result of the brain injury). Therefore, he is staying after school for extra help, which he fears perceives him as “different” from the other children. He is a very hard worker and is always aiming to please his therapists in treatment. If unable to master an exercise or skill in therapy, he will go home and practice without being asked, come back and display his improvements for the staff. Jonathan’s mother has walked in on him at home, practicing in front of the mirror!

Because Jonathan is often overlooked for sports and academic awards, he will be thrilled to be named a HERO OF THE MONTH!

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