‘Tis the Season for Theme Park Wishes!

The majority of our wish kids ask to visit Disney World and all the other awesome theme parks that call Florida home. Believe it or not, despite all the press releases I’ve written about kids visiting the theme parks, I still like hearing the stories these children and their parents have about the parks.

Having been born and raised here in Florida, I’m more familiar with these parks than I am this office building! (Or so it seems!) When I talk to these parents and kids, they tell me what rides they went on and what shows they saw and I can just visualize it as I write it all down to add into the release.

It’s really something to hear so many different view points for a handful of places that I’ve visited many times myself. When you’re there, you’re stuck in your own happy place and you forget that there are thousands on thousands of other people seeing the same sights and enjoying the same thrilling experiences as you, but with their own unique views.  You see, the next time I visit there, I will see places and rides and think about the Wish Kids and their families who told me of their experiences there. I may even see a Wish Kid or two!

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