The Sky’s the Limit for Joshua!

Name: Joshua
Age: 18
State: TX

Wish Kid

Joshua was born with a sacrococcygeal teratoma, an unusual tumor that occurs in newborns. Doctors immediately performed surgery to remove it but Joshua has continued to battle the condition as the tumor keeps growing back. He has undergone countless surgeries throughout the years and has been in and out of the hospital most of his life. Joshua has also endured numerous painful chemotherapy treatments.

When he was asked for his number one wish, Joshua said that he wanted to go on a zero gravity space flight. Before he knew it, Joshua was boarding the G-Force One aircraft, which is equipped with padded floors and walls. For the next couple of hours, Joshua and the other passengers enjoyed an experience like no other. They floated weightlessly, turning slow summersaults in the air, flying and even drinking bubbles of water floating by! “Floating water was my favorite part of the whole thing,” described Joshua. “Water in a weightless environment is something worth seeing. Plus it’s just fun to try and drink it out of the air!”

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