Shawn’s Creativity Gets a New Outlet

Name: Shawn
Age: 16
State: MO

Wish Kid

In 2007, Shawn’s doctors discovered that he had a neurocytoma, which is a tumor on the brain stem. In October of the same year, he endured a surgery to remove the tumor, but the surgeon could not remove all of it due to its location. In 2008, the tumor was found to have re-grown and Shawn was started on a course of radiation therapy to shrink it. He cannot stand for long, is very weak and is on a rigorous medication regimen for his condition.

Shawn loves to draw and write and just be creative, so he wished to have a laptop of his very own as a fantastic new way for him to express his unique creativity.One of the many things he’s been planning to work on with his new computer may even possibly be a book, one that he’s been talking about with his aunt since he was recovering from his last surgery. His wish has given him a new boost of confidence and a great surge of creativity; to say that Shawn is excited is understating it.

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