Samantha’s California Dream Becomes a Reality

Name: Samantha
Age: 18
State: SC

Wish Kid

Samantha is an outgoing and gregarious teenager from South Carolina with an incredibly positive outlook on life! She loves soccer and reading and watching movies – her all-time favorite movie is The Notebook. Samantha also enjoys playing video games and cuddling with her three cats and three dogs. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite restaurant is the Olive Garden!

In 2002, Samantha was diagnosed with a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. EDS is a group of inherited disorders that weaken connective tissues. These tissues protect the skin, bones, blood vessels and other organs. The disorder can often lead to serious life-threatening complications. Samantha has had numerous surgeries to stabilize her skull and spine and to alleviate other symptoms. In addition, she has multiple organ dysfunctions and must be monitored carefully.

Samantha had a real blast enjoying the sunsets and the ocean life in Laguna Beach, California. As a special treat, she even got to have a private photoshoot complete with professional photographer and makeup artist. For Sami, her trip to Laguna Beach was a real “California dream” come true.

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