Sakysha’s “California Adventure”

Name: Sakysha
Age: 18
State: IL

Wish Kid

At seven months old, Sakysha was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which is term given to a range of neurological afflictions that interfere with the messages sent from the brain to the muscles. These afflictions cause various muscle problems including limb spasticity and a limited range of motion. Because of this, Sakysha has endured hip and eye surgery, as well as surgeries to her hamstrings, wrists and arms to release the muscle tension caused by her disorder; she also has scoliosis. She is wheelchair bound and does not have full use of her hands. In addition, Sakysha does not speak, but instead communicates through a board, gestures and pointing with her eyes.

According to her mother, Sakysha truly enjoyed her trip to “the most magical place on earth.” While there, her daughter’s smile did not leave her face: “That’s all she [Sakysha] was doing: smiling.” The highlight of the trip for Sakysha seemed to be meeting Minnie Mouse. Upon greeting the famous character, Sakysha’s grin grew wider and she laughed; she was having the time of her life.

Happily, Sakysha was able to ride most of the attractions at the parks due to their being extremely handicap accessible. Their visit to Universal Studios was fun-filled as well and Sakysha’s mom remarked that the experience was like walking into a cartoon. Everything was perfect, right down to the dinners.

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