Part in the movie “Zookeeper”

Name: Hannah
Age: 11
State: IL

Wish Kid

In 2007, Hannah was diagnosed with Vagal Mediated Bradycardia, a condition in which her heart slows and sometimes stops altogether. Just last year, Hannah underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker into her chest to monitor her heart rate and to stimulate her heart when its beating slowed too much. Currently, Hannah’s doctors are looking into replacing her pacemaker with another one that would monitor her blood pressure and may stop her from having many of her fainting spells before they begin.

In addition, Hannah also suffers from Turner Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that has causes her hands and feet to swell as well as causing her to have a smaller stature than other kids her age.

Hannah’s only wish was to become a movie star and that’s exactly what happened when she was given a walk-on role in the upcoming movie “Zookeeper.” She was treated like a real celebrity as she was driven around Boston in a limousine and given hair and makeup treatments before her big scene. While on set, she met some of the other cast members including actors Kevin James and Ken Jeong, who made Hannah very comfortable with a good dose of laughter. When the movie comes out in 2010, Hannah can’t wait to see herself on the big screen!

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