No more ‘no,’ please…

My job requires me to do a few different things. I have to write content for the website and press releases about our wish kids, contact families who have a child that has been referred for a wish, and also get in touch with the guardians of the children who have turned in a wish application and gather all the necessary paperwork from them.

One of the requirements of a child receiving a wish is that the child’s doctor must verify that the illness is life-threatening. In the initial application that is sent out to a family, the child’s doctor signs a form indicating that they are the physician of that child, and they are aware that the child has a life-threatening illness. Once we receive that form, we send an additional form to verify all the information. Usually the information matches, but sometimes I am disappointed at what the secondary form says.

There have been plenty of instances when the physician signs the first form stating the condition of a certain child is life-threatening and then signs the second form indicating that the condition is not life-threatening. This always makes my heart hurt a little. I imagine the families of the wish children thinking about and talking about the wish with the child. I think about how excited the children must be when they think that they could get their wish, and then I have to let them know that the doctor changed his or her mind.

I know that physicians get extremely busy and don’t always have plenty of free time during the day. I feel that for the most part, when the doctors sign the first form with a ‘yes’ and then sign the second form with a ‘no,’ that they didn’t take the time to read the initial form in the first place. This can lead to heartbroken children getting their hopes up only to have them crushed.

If I had any control over it, I would never see another secondary form returned with a ‘no.’ I hope that the doctors realize that what they are signing and reading means the world to some of these families and these children and that they take the time to actually read and make the right choice the first time. Our wish children have already been through enough and may not be able to handle another letdown.

So I am keeping my fingers crossed that no more ‘no’ forms come in and that we are able to grant the wishes of all the children who we receive an application for!

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