Miguel – Hero of the Month

Name: Miguel
Age: 6
State: Downey, CA
Facility: Kaiser Permanente ~ Bellflower

Hero of the Month Boy

Raw, red and bloody is the best way to describe the symptoms Miguel encountered during his stay in the hospital. He was admitted to the hospital for what they thought was a case of Kawasaki’s disease, but ended up with a disorder called Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome. Everywhere you looked Miguel was covered with blisters. As the days progressed, they got progressively worse, especially on his eyes and lips. His eyes began to take on a red, dry, raw appearance, where parts of the layers of skin would slough off. Miguel suddenly lost vision, and developed a corneal abrasion and because of the extent of the damage to his eyes, surgical repair was out of the question. In addition, his lips began to take on a similar appearance. They were covered in blisters with layers of skin sloughing off, causing bleeding and extreme pain. Miguel’s blisters and wounds were often compared to those of a child on a burn unit. With minimal pain medication, Miguel was able to endure the pain that accompanied his wound care. During this entire ordeal, Miguel’s family was by his side and kept their faith to see him through recovery. Finally, after weeks of treatment, Miguel slowly started to recover. He as able to see again and even taste little bits of his favorite foods! Despite all the tears and pain, Miguel always kept a positive attitude and fought his illness strong and hard. If heroes are supposed to portray a character of strength and courage, Miguel can easily be described as such a character. Miguel is a true hero!

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