Micolas Has a Great Time in Orlando!

Name: Micolas
Age: 9
State: OH

Wish Kid

At five months old, Micolas was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. This is a complex genetic disease that impairs the transport of fluids and electrolytes across cell membranes in the body and also causes a sticky mucus buildup in the lungs and other organs. This disease inhibits normal breathing and can lead to inflammation and infection of the tissues. For Micolas, this disease has caused him to have an IV port opened in his arm for emergency IV insertions and he must be fed via g-tube at night. He is also on a rigorous daily medication regimen and will soon have to endure daily insulin injections to help maintain his blood sugar levels.

While in Orlando, Micolas wanted to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure park and he also got to enjoy a day at the beach, where he got his first real “taste” of seawater.

Though Micolas loved riding Expedition Everest and Splash Mountain at the Disney parks, he was all about Universal Studios. In fact, Micolas was absolutely thrilled with the Spiderman ride at the park and simply could not get enough of it!

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