LegoLand’s Biggest Fan!

Name: Evan
Age: 9
State: NC

Wish Kid

Nine year old Evan has a condition called congenital melanocytic nevus, which results in a birthmark covering over 35% of his body. Just last year, some of this was found to be cancerous with spindle cell melanoma. This rare form of melanoma is locally aggressive and tends to have a high recurrence rate even with treatment. Evan has spent much of his young life in and out of hospitals and has undergone three surgeries for mass removal and skin grafts. He is now scheduled for yet another surgery. Though he has yet to endure chemotherapy, he is awaiting his doctor’s decision to start in order to shrink the tumor.

Evan was so ready to visit LegoLand that he created his own in-park itinerary complete with a 38 point agenda of things to see and ride! As a bonus, the little Lego fanatic was given a behind-the-scenes tour! “That was the highlight of a highlight trip,” said Evan’s father. According to Evan, the special tour was “amazing!” While on the tour, he had the chance to see how Legos are made and even got to make his very own Legos! The souvenirs he received from his backstage tour also sent him into a collector’s frenzy of joy; these same collectable Star Wars bricks are now his absolute favorites and he will continue to collect them indefinitely. To put it simply, Evan was hooked. “I want to work there,” he says bluntly.

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