Jacobi’s Xbox Dreams are now Reality!

Name: Jacobi
Age: 8
State: GA

Wish Kid

From the moment he was born, Jacobi has suffered from an inherited blood disorder called Sickle Cell Anemia. Those suffering with this disease experience severe episodes of pain and eventual organ damage; they are also at high risk for stroke and cardiac arrest. Jacobi has also developed a severe case of asthma and must follow a strict daily medication regimen for both conditions, which is sometimes quite stifling for an active 8-year-old.

For his wish, Jacboi wanted an Xbox 360 game system of his very own. Since he’s gotten his Xbox and gift box, Jacobi has hardly left his room and has even cleaned out his closet to make room for all of his new goodies. He’s also called all his friends and family members and invited everyone over for extended play dates! Jacobi’s wish really did come true and he’s so happy he’s letting practically the whole world know about it!

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