Gideon Meets his Hero, Michael J. Fox!

Name: Gideon
Age: 15
State: Michigan

Michael J. Fox Grants a Wish for Gideon

In May of 2008, Gideon became very ill with a severe sinus infection caused by cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening lung condition. The illness resulted in a brain abscess which required serious medical attention. In the past year, Gideon has had various brain surgeries. The second surgery claimed Gideon’s vision, as the nerves to his eyes were destroyed. His vision is not correctable and he is now legally blind. He also endures daily percussion vest treatments for his cystic fibrosis.

Gideon asked to meet his hero, Michael J. Fox and his wish just recently came true! During a day at the Central Park Zoo, Gideon met up with Mr. Fox and they shared the day together, meeting all sorts of animals during a private zoo tour. The two had a wonderful time and talked just like old friends.

According to Gideon’s mom, “He [Michael J. Fox] was just so sincere and so sweet. He even told us to call him Mike. He was just Gideon’s new friend, Mike. It was a lot more than we ever expected. My daughter Olivia put it best when she said it was an ‘over the rainbow wish.’”

As if his wish could not get any better, Gideon’s Wish Coordinator arranged for the family to attend the world premiere of “Shrek Forever After” at the Tribeca Film Festival and she even arranged for them to enjoy a private hands-on tour of the Natural History Museum. It was the perfect wish for Gideon.

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