Jennifer LOVED her “Fashionable Wish”

Name: Jennifer
Age: 18
State: California

Jennifer meets Marc Jacobs

Just last year, Jennifer felt a large lump in her neck. Thinking it was an inflamed bug bite, she went to the doctor, who discovered that the lump was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. She was started on chemotherapy treatments that have since caused many side effects including multiple blood clots which require her to take blood thinners. Currently, Jennifer is undergoing radiation therapy to try and shrink the tumor.

For her wish, Jennifer wanted to meet her favorite fashion designer, Marc Jacobs. During a whirlwind trip to New York, Jennifer got a makeover at The John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman’s, had a shopping spree at The Guess Store, and met Marc Jacobs at his office. The biggest surprise came when Marc Jacobs took Jennifer to his MBMJ store and let her pick out all the outfits that she liked. It was the wish of a lifetime for the ecstatic teen.

“Meeting Marc Jacobs…I can’t even put into words how incredible it was,” said Jennifer of her wish. “We started by touring his studio beginning in the Marc Jacobs collection show room and walking all the way through where they put everything together and even into the storage rooms full of organized boxes of buttons and various materials. It’s so neat thinking about how that’s where everything starts. After the tour, we watched a recording of the Fall 2010 collection runway show which was awesome, getting to talk to Marc about while watching it. After this, we hopped into a taxi and headed over to the Marc by Marc Jacobs store to do some shopping which was so much fun. I was in heaven picking out and trying on all of the clothes and stepping out to model them. Having Marc’s opinion and approval made it all so special and meaningful.”

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