Greg Takes the Scenic Route to the Bahamas

Name: Gregory
Age: 14
State: IN

Wish Kid

Gregory has cerebral palsy, which is a neurological affliction that interferes with the messages sent from the brain to the muscles. Greg also has hydrocephalus, also known as “water on the brain.” This condition causes excessive fluid on the brain. Gregory has had a shunt implanted in his head in order to drain the fluid from his brain to his stomach. If this fluid is not drained it could cause harmful pressure on the tissues of the brain. Greg cannot walk and is confined to a wheelchair; he must also attend physical therapy every day.

On the boat, Greg and his family enjoyed swimming in the sun and savoring the fantastic foods laid out for them like they were members of royalty. According to Greg, “the food was the best.” He even got to play video games on board the cruise ship! Everything was perfect! In Atlantis, Greg was greeted with more things to do than he could fathom: there were the beautiful waterscapes to explore, the “archeological ruins” to discover and so much more. Truly, it was the best wish Greg could have ever asked for.
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