Derrick got his “Game” on at GameStop

Name: Derrick
Age: 13
State: WI

Wish Kid

Derrick was born with aortic stenosis, which is a valvular heart disease in which the aortic valve becomes narrower than normal, impeding the flow of blood. For Derrick, this has meant having balloon valvuloplasty as a child. This is where a balloon is inflated to stretch the valve and allow greater flow. At nine years old, Derrick endured surgery to repair his narrowed valves, but he has since outgrown those repairs and has had to undergo yet more corrective treatments.

Derrick was picked up from his school and driven to his local GameStop location in a limousine. At the store, Derrick shopped around and picked up all the best games and game systems that his heart desired, including a Wii system and plenty of games for both the Wii and his Xbox.

Upon arriving home, Derrick and his brother jumped into the gaming world headfirst! So far, Derrick’s favorite game is Rock Band 2 and he’s gotten quite good at the medium level hit, “Eye of the Tiger.” As lead singer and lead guitarist, Derrick is honing his “star” skills while his brother tries desperately to keep up on the drums. Derrick is now in a world of gaming fun and can’t thank Kids Wish Network enough.

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