Christian Piles His Cart High!

Name: Christian
Age: 9
State: TX

Wish Kid

At the age of two, Christian was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This is the most severe form of muscular dystrophy and is characterized by a rapid progression of muscular deterioration that starts in the legs and gradually affects the whole body. Just recently, Christian has started using a wheelchair for mobility at school due to the weakness in his leg muscles.

Given Christian’s love of video games, it wasn’t hard for him to choose what he wanted most of all: a shopping spree at Best Buy, where he could choose whatever technological toys that might strike his fancy. Once his shopping spree started, Christian didn’t stop. According to his mother, Danielle, Christian was “piled up to his neck with stuff” in the shopping cart. In the heap of games and gadgets surrounding Christian in the cart were his prized Wii, several games and controllers for it, a Nintendo DS system and games to accompany that as well! All in all, Christian was able to grab about a thousand dollars worth of gadgetry that he had been wanting for quite some time.

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