Brians “Pineapple Under the Sea”

Name: Brian
Age: 9
State: TN

Wish Kid

When he was just three, Brian was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a condition which causes tumors to grow on nerve tissue. It also affects the skin, brain and spinal cord. As the tumors grow, they can put pressure on the organs and affects normal body function. In addition, Brian suffers from a seizure disorder and has chronic headaches. He must take daily medications and be monitored carefully by his doctors.

Brian’s one wish was to have a Spongebob Squarepants-themed room! When the time came, folks arrived here and there, trooping in and out of Brian’s bedroom…slowly transforming it into an undersea wonderland. Meanwhile, boxes of SpongeBob items, including pillows, knick knacks and even a chair, arrived, shipped by Jill and donated by caring companies. When it was finally finished, Brian’s new bedroom exceeded everyone’s expectations. Brian is thoroughly enjoying his new room and has a new incentive to keep it clean!

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