Brandon Gets to “Kick It” with Chuck Norris

Name: Brandon
Age: 15
State: Texas

Wish Kid

In May of 2006, Brandon was hit by a car while riding his bike. During his follow up examination, doctors discovered a cystic lesion on his brain. Brandon’s condition is exceptionally serious and he must be monitored carefully. Because of the location of the lesion, his doctors are unable to remove it. Brandon’s brain has ceased growing and has caused him developmental delay.

When Brandon wished to meet his hero, Chuck Norris, he got an extraordinarily “Texas” wish including a horseback riding lesson on a white horse, a trip to “Santa’s Wonderland” and a visit to the Museum at the George Bush Presidential Library, as well as the meeting with his hero.

When Brandon got to Chuck Norris’ ranch, Mr. Norris walked out to meet Brandon and exclaimed that he didn’t need an introduction because he knew all about him. Brandon was enthralled that his hero knew him! After that, Brandon rode one of Chuck Norris’ own horses and was already ahead of the game, having taken a lesson earlier that morning. Later, he even got to ride around the ranch with Mr. Norris in his “Rangermobile!” According to Brandon, it was absolutely “the best weekend of my life!”

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