This Thanksgiving

This is a short week at Kids Wish Network. Not because there isn’t work to do, but because Thanksgiving is Thursday and we have Friday off, too.

For many people, Thanksgiving is about food, family and spending time with the ones they love. It is a time to remember what is important and to give thanks for all the ways they have been blessed.

Thanksgiving is such an awesome holiday. It is a day to slow down and take a look at all the wonderful things we have. It is a chance to escape from the toils of daily life – and the struggles we face each day – and truly be happy for what we have.

I try to remember what is important on a daily basis. I always like to think about the positive things in my life, and not get caught up in the snares of the world. But sometimes it is hard to focus on the good things, especially when you feel like there are too many problems you are facing.

Working at Kids Wish Network for the past five months has put life into a new perspective for me. I talk to so many different families who are struggling with issues that make my worries seem menial. Their strength and courage is truly a testament to the kind of people they are and the kind of faith they have.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for not having to face the issues that families across this country deal with every day. I know that there will be curveballs thrown at me in the future, and for that, I am thankful that I am working here because I will remember the ability of our families to pull through the tough times and maybe it will help me do the same.

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