Happiness Comes from Gift Banks

This past week I had the opportunity to see what we do here – first hand.

My son had to be hospitalized after a minor operation and he wasn’t the most in the best of moods. Usually a very active boy, he was confined to a hospital floor and anywhere he went, his IV pole went with him.

Shortly after his arrival on the pediatric floor, a child life specialist came by to see if she could offer some assistance in cheering him up. He showed minimal interest in the movies and coloring books she offered. Then she said those 4 magic words – “We have a playroom.” It brought a small smile to his face.

Shortly after, we ventured down to the playroom and lo and behold, I saw a sign that proclaimed it to be sponsored by Kids Wish Network!! I smiled and looked down at my son. He wasn’t paying me any mind and had zeroed in on the cars on the other side of the room!

For the next 30 minutes, he pushed cars around the room and I pushed his IV pole behind him. He quickly wore himself out and we soon returned to his room. While in his bed, his mood became somber and he showed little interest in anything else. After a brief nap, we returned to the playroom and his spirits immediately lifted.

It’s great to know that the hundreds of gift banks we send out to hospitals yearly help bring small smiles to the faces of these kids who are stuck in an unfamiliar situation. It is always great to hear feedback from the hospitals but nothing compares to seeing the magic firsthand!

HOTM Facility Coordinator

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