So who referred us…?

Part of my job is calling families who have a child that has been referred for a wish. Anyone can refer a child: mom, dad, friend, or neighbor. The easiest calls to make are those when the mom or dad refers the child, because they are usually expecting a call from Kids Wish Network. But those aren’t my favorite calls to make.

The best calls are when a friend or family member refers a child and doesn’t tell the parents. When I follow up on the referral, it is always nice to hear how pleasantly surprised the parents are. Some are even brought to tears at the thought of their sick child getting their own wish granted. Some are caught so off guard that they have to ask two or three times who I am, why I am calling, or who referred them, but once I explain to them what the call is about, and that their close friend referred their child for a wish, they are very receptive to me and the call.

So keep your ears open for the telephone to ring. It may just be me calling to talk to you about granting your child’s wish!


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