A Wonderful Honor

Today I had the honor of accepting an award from the Salvation Army Domestic Abuse Shelter with my colleague Susan on behalf of Kids Wish Network. As I sat through the presentation, it hit me how much of an impact Kids Wish Network has on these moms and their children. One mother shared her success story with us. I was very troubled at first when she began to tell about the horrific life that she had prior to getting help from the shelter. I couldn’t imagine how scared she must of been or how she and her child even made it out of their situation alive.

As I gazed around the room to see the reactions of others, it dawned on me that all the amazing people sitting around me were working as one whether it be Kids Wish Network, local police and detectives on a mission to protect these battered women and children, or government entities structured just to meet this need in the community. We are all coming together as one to make their lives better and helping them to have that second chance that some of these women and children never thought they would have.

Working with these local abuse centers for battered women and children along with many other local facilities has changed my life forever in a good way. Hearing stories of how Kids Wish Network has changed the lives of these children and their families is just so awesome.

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