Thank Your Lucky Stars…and Stop Your Whining

So I found myself in bed for a few days last week. I was feeling pretty sick and I have to tell you that when you’re sick, there really isn’t much you can do but lay around. At the very most for minimal entertainment and a little distraction I was able to watch television. Mostly all you can really do is rest, rest, rest.

I know this sounds pretty boring and what makes it even worse is you’re not feeling well. I found my thoughts wandering many times to our wish kids. See at the end of the day I knew I was going to feel better; I was able to say, this too shall pass and I knew I would be able to have fun again.

But what about all of our wish kids who don’t have the opportunity to think like that? They have to lie in bed a lot longer than I had to and for many they never get to go outside and play or run around with their friends. Being sick really put things in perspective for me. We all complain and whine when we have the sniffles or a headache, but these children suffer with real diseases and have a much worse time of it than most of us – their illness never goes away!

So, next time you’re feeling kind of crummy, put some of our wish kids’ stories in your head and thank your lucky stars that you’ll get through it in a short period of time, then put out a good vibe for the children who are really sick, who suffer with life threatening illnesses on a daily basis.

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