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When we write the press releases here at Kids Wish Network, we send them to different sorts of outlets for coverage. For each release, we’ll send it out to the papers/news stations/radio stations in the hometown of the wish child. Also, with each press release comes a different subject. (Some are kids who visit Disney, some are kids who meet their favorite celebrities, some get to go on shopping sprees or want a game system, etc.) Every child is different and every wish is special, making it an extra treat to be able to write the releases. 🙂

Most of the time, these paper/news channels will run a story on the kid and his/her wish and it’s awesome. Sometimes, we’ll even have our press releases snagged by a friendly reader and posted to a personal or some other type of blog. It’s these that are surprising because, as on most blogs, comments are enabled. I love coming across these as I receive each story run because I simply adore reading the comments. My fellow writer Elizabeth sent out a story yesterday about one of our Wish Kids who met Chicago Cubs player Aramis Ramirez. She posted the story on the Bleacher Report and it was snagged by The Chicago Cubs official blog. The first comment on that story was absolutely great, written by someone named Aaron, and I just had to share some of it:

“I don’t know who you are, but I assume you’re with the wish network, and I must say, that was a very nice, and well-written article. Thank you for sharing the heartwarming story with us. I only wish that more ballplayers would do that sort of thing…Big props to all the Cubs that showed they cared. That’s a horrible situation the kid was in, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Once again, thanks for the article, and if you can let us know about any other stories like that, it would be much appreciated.”

Great job, Elizabeth, on the awesome release and great job to the Chicago Cubs for granting little Nick’s wish. Oh, and thanks to Aaron and all the others who post such wonderful comments on posts about our Wish Kids. We really appreciate the sentiments, emotions and stories that you have to share. Who knows, maybe you reading the blog in the first place will help a child in the future. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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