Heart Warming

This morning when I came in it was business as usual. I said good morning to everyone and sat down in my office to begin my day. As I worked through my pile of surveys, emails, etc. I came across one of the most heart warming surveys yet. We recently gave a gift bank to a facility that cares for abused children. A precious little girl at the tender age of 4 had been to the center for a full abuse assessment as well as a comprehensive medical exam. After a little while had passed the little girl kept asking her mom to go to “the doctor”. Confused by what the child was trying to get at, the child began to describe the safe center. All the little girl wanted to do was play at the children’s waiting room. The mother called the center and, of course, they gave a thumbs-up on the visit.

The facility was so grateful to Kids Wish Network for the gift bank full of toys and activities that we had sent them and explained that our help makes it possible for these innocent children to have a safe place to play. My heart was so overjoyed at the thought of a child so excited to go back to a place where she can play and have fun after all she had to endure. This just made my week! Receiving letters like these makes us want to work even harder for these wonderful children! Toys heal wounds!

Barbara Askin
Director of Distribution

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