Ta'Kiyah meets President Obama

Ta'Kiyah shares her scrapbook with President Obama as Aunt Cherie looks on


Imagine being 12-years-old and having a private audience with the President of the United States.  That is exactly what happened to Ta’Kiyah, a sweet little girl from Dover, DE.  Ta’Kiyah’s presidential wish was granted by Kids Wish Network.   

Ta’Kiyah was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and has endured months of hospital stays, chemotherapy and doctor visits. 

Her wish started off in style as she was picked up at her home in Dover in a limousine courtesy of Camelot Limousine Service and driven to Washington D.C. where she was welcomed by the attentive staff at the 5-star Hay Adams Hotel.  She loved how the staff greeted her by name every day and the surprises that they would leave in her room each night.  She was thrilled when she learned that this was the same hotel that the Obama family stayed in prior to the inauguration.

That night she was made an “official rock star” at the Hard Rock Cafe.  She was mesmerized by all of the memorabilia and the D.J. played all of her favorite music. 

The next day was fraught with emotions.  Ta’Kiyah was nervous as she headed over to the White House.  As she waited in the Oval Office Lobby, her emotions began to get the best of her.  Finally, the time had come.  She stood, covering her eyes and trepiditiously made her way around the corner.  President Obama stood there waiting for her but Ta’Kiyah’s feet wouldn’t move!  President Obama kindly told her to uncover her eyes and approach him.  “Ta’kiyah, put your hands down, it’s going to be ok”, he coaxed.  Slowly, she approached him and he shook her hand and then warmly embraced her, telling her there was nothing to be nervous about. 

He took her into his office as Ta’Kiyah’s aunt looked on with tears in her eyes as well.  Ta’Kiyah shared her scrapbook filled with personal pictures and mementos.  President Obama was impressed with the numerous scholastic accolades that Ta’Kiyah had received and with her personal struggles with cancer.  He gave her a beautiful Presidential coin and Ta’Kiyah reciprocated with a Kids Wish Network Guardian Angel Coin. 

Later, Ta’Kiyah beamed with happiness about her experience. She said it was the best day of her life and, “That I wasn’t crying, my eyes were just watery that day!” 











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