A Letter from a Wish Family…

Hi Vanessa,

The trip was great!  Kristen had a wonderful time.  It was so nice to have the family together on this trip.  We haven’t had a family vacation in 5 years.  Everyone from the Brickell Transportation drivers, the Hilton employees, and the Carnival Cruise Line were so kind and accommodating.  

We checked into the Hilton, they gave us a room on the top floor overlooking the Miami port.  It was a spectacular view, especially at night.  Kristen and I got a little sea sick the first night on the ship, but on Saturday morning we were good to go.  It was such a wonderful experience to be on a cruise ship.  We have never been on one.  It is like a mini resort floating on the sea.  The activities and food were never ending. Carnival was very generous in giving Kristen 4 complimentary tickets for the Atlantis Resort shore excursion.  Atlantis was beautiful.  We rode the Lazy River, water slides, and relaxed by the pool.  The aquarium they have is incredible.  It is huge!  When we got back to the ship on Saturday night, we were treated by Carnival with a tour of the bridge.  It was interesting seeing how they maneuver the vessel.  The staffs on the bridge were very friendly and detailed explaining how everything operated.  Sunday was relaxing.  Kristen, Dominic and I started at the pool, and then moved up to the water slide.  Bill hung out in the casino.  Then later that day, we enjoyed the karaoke show.  

Overall, it was the nicest experience we could have had.  It definitely makes up for the challenging year and a half when Kristen was going through chemo and radiation.  I want to thank you and Kids Wish Network for coordinating this wish.  Plus Carnival Cruise Line, Hilton, and Brickell Transportation for making the wish come true.  I can’t tell you how great it was seeing Kristen enjoying herself.  When I think back on how sick she was, and now, it is a miracle.

Thank you and God bless.


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