Kadie’s Musical Wish

REIDSVILLE, N.C. – A teenager with spina bifida has her fondest wish come true with a little help from children’s charity, Kids Wish Network, and her local VFW Post.

Before birth, Kadie was diagnosed with spina bifida. This is a neural tube defect that occurs when the spinal column fails to close completely, resulting in spinal cord nerve damage. By the time she was 4 days old, Kadie had endured 5 surgeries. In addition, she has hydrocephalus, which causes fluid to build up around her brain. From 2007 to the present, Kadie has suffered through over 30 surgeries, including the insertions of rods into her spine. After the surgeries, she developed a severe infection from the rods and her back had to be reopened in order to clean out the infection. During January of 2008, the process was repeated every other day in order to prevent the infection from spreading. This past April, Kadie suffered a shunt malfunction, for which she had to have yet another surgery to repair. She is currently bedridden and trying to recuperate with a smile.

Through the testimonies of a friend of the family whose child had had a wish granted with Kids Wish Network, Kadie’s mother, Debbie, knew that there was a chance to give something back to her long-suffering daughter.

Since her childhood, Kadie has always loved music; when talking to Wish Coordinator, Jennifer, she confided her wish of wanting her very own guitar. Before long, Kadie’s wish was granted through the generosity of the members of the VFW Midway-Monroeton Post 8297. When they heard of Kadie’s situation through Wish Funding Specialist, Doris, the veterans wanted to do everything they could to help make her dream come true; they bought Kadie her very own cherry red electric guitar complete with matching amplifier, strap, cords and picks. “The veterans folks were so sweet,” said Debbie. “As soon as they gave it to her, she just lit up! Her smile was precious.” Though she’s not yet able to sit up and hold the guitar to play it, Kadie just loves it and is awaiting her doctor’s okay to begin playing.

Besides her granted wish, Kids Wish Network and the VFW Strong-Martin-Steagall Post 2574 also sent Kadie a surprise gift box full of toys and goodies that she could enjoy until she was able to play her guitar. “That [the gift box] was great! It was like Santa Claus came…she just adored the Cabbage Patch doll she got!”

“We’re really thankful for all the hard work you do,” said Debbie, speaking to the people at Kids Wish Network. “You’ll not realize the changes you make until you see their smiles…Kadie’s just a beam of sunshine now.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following for helping to make Kadie’s wish come true: VFW Midway-Monroeton Post 8297 and VFW Strong-Martin-Steagall Post 2574.

Kids Wish Network is a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children. If you know a child between the ages of 3 and 18 who may be in need of its wish granting services, please call 727-937-3600 or toll free 888-918-9004. For more information on Kids Wish Network, visit their website at www.kidswishnetwork.org

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