Jaykayla Has her Dream Shopping Trip, Thanks to Kids Wish Network

Madison Heights, MI- A little girl with pulmonary atresia gets the chance to shop for whatever she wants with a little help from Kids Wish Network.

The first thing you notice about Jaykayla is her lovely smile. This amazing eleven-year-old loves nothing more than to laugh and have fun doing her homework. Jaykayla is an extra special little girl who has gone through an awful lot in her few years; Jaykayla was born with pulmonary atresia. This means that no pulmonary valve exists in her heart. Consequently, blood cannot flow from the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery and then on to the lungs. Children with this condition require lifelong cardio care and are also at high risk of developing infections in the heart walls or valves. Jaykayla has endured two heart surgeries by the time she was two years old and requires breathing treatments. She must also visit her cardiologist frequently.

When her mother, Wanda, found out about Kids Wish Network through Jaykayla’s grandmother, she knew that she could finally give something wonderful to her little girl, who had suffered so much. It wasn’t long before Jaykayla was assigned her very own Wish Coordinator, Jill. Using her own special brand of “Guardian Angel” magic, Jill organized a day that would more than suit any seasoned shopper.

Jaykayla’s big day started out with a ride furbished by J&B Executive Transportation. That alone pleased the little girl so much that she had to call her grandmother just to proclaim, “I’m riding in a Cadillac!” When she arrived at Wal-Mart, Jaykayla was presented with her gift card and began her shopping spree with a trip to the electronics department. There, she picked out some games for her Wii, her Nintendo DS and even picked out a PSP handheld system and some games to go with it. However electronically savvy little Jaykayla is, she’s still a very sweet little girl who loves the things that most little girls enjoy this day in age: High School Musical and Hannah Montana. Jaykayla brought home many High School Musical and Hannah Montana items including clothes, sheet sets and other decorations for her room.

According to her mother, Wanda, Jaykayla really enjoyed herself. The whole trip was absolutely “awesome” according to Jaykayla. Now that she’s had her shopping spree, Jaykayla only wants to play with her new electronic games. Her particular favorite was the PSP handheld system that she picked out; she rotates her playing between the three game systems and loves it so much that she has even asked her mother if she could stay home from school to play with her games. (The answer, of course, was no.)

About working with Jill and Kids Wish Network, Wanda said that the experience was “something new and exciting.” She managed to keep Jaykayla’s wish mostly a secret from the little girl and surprised her when her big day arrived. The day was more wonderful than Jaykayla could have ever imagined. Wanda, her mother, even admitted that Jaykayla “got spoiled that day!” With a little help from Kids Wish Network, Jaykayla’s shopping dreams came true.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following for helping to make Jaykayla’s wish extra special: Elks Royal Oak Lodge 1523, J+B Executive Transportation, Eagles Motor City, Maggiano’s Little Italy and the Madison Heights Youth Association.

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