A Kind Letter from a Wish Family

Dear Kids Wish Network,

We just returned yesterday, from our dream come true, vacation to Florida.  Our son Ryan was chosen to receive his wish of going to Disney World.  We have not had a vacation in 13 years due to Ryans many illnesses and lack of funds.  You made one special boy, so very happy beyond words.  I haven’t seen Ryan smile so much as he did when he got to meet his life long hero’s, The Power Rangers.  The characters went out of their way to make sure that Ryan had a chance to have a photo taken with each of them.

When we first arrived at the Royal Plaza we were greeted by the night manager, Rachid.  He went out of his way to make us feel welcome.  He personally showed us to our room. We we returned to our room after going for dinner, Rachid had a gift of a Transformer car waiting for Ryan.  He also had a plate of brownies and jugs of milk waiting for us in our room. Rachid was wonderful to our family and I will never forget his kindness.  We spent our first evening visiting the Disney Board Walk.  We stopped in a store that had everything that Ryan loves, The Transformers,  The Power Rangers and Star Wars. Ryan would point to a toy and say to me, “Present, Christmas!”  The staff in the store were very kind to Ryan and even let him try on a Transformer helmet. He was thrilled. He did all his Transformer poses and the staff got a big kick out of him.

We spent the whole day, Thursday at Disney World.  I think we went on every single ride there.  Ryan loved the Huckelberry Finn riverboat ride.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  The first ride we went on was the Haunted Mansion.  Ryan was kind of afraid but he ended up loving it.  Another ride he enjoyed was The Pirates of the Caribbean.   Ryan’s sister, Megan went crazy for the Johnny Depp character at the end of the ride. She was so impressed with the computer animations, which is the field she is going to college for.  We also loved the 4-D computer generated movie with Donald Duck.  It actually looks like you can touch items floating in front of you, it was so amazing.  That evening we had dinner reservations at Chili’s Grill and Bar.  We met the manager, Eric, and he was so warm and welcoming as was our waitress.  The dinner was wonderful!

Friday, we spent the whole day at Universal Studios.  The Simpson’s ride was our favorite.  It was another computer generated 4-D ride.  When they would show the Simpson’s baby, Maggie, you could actually smell baby lotion.  It was amazing.  We also saw Shrek in 4-D and got to have pictures taken with the characters afterward.  The beggest thrill of the day was when Ryan got to have his picture taken with Spiderman.  I have never seen Ryan sit and wait in a long long, so patiently as he did to see Spiderman.  Everyone was laughing because Spiderman had to show all the other children how to do the Spidy pose. When it was Ryan’s turn he got up there and was doing all sorts of poses.  Even Spiderman got a kick out of Ryan.  That evening we had to cancel our reservations with Bob Evans Restraunt because Ryan’s Dad got very sick from spinning around in circles on one of the rides.  Here I was so worried about Ryan getting sick and my husband is the one who got sick.  He was better by the next morning.

Saturday we spent the day at MGM Studios. Ryan got to have his pictures taken with his life long hero’s, The Power Rangers.  Ryan was thrilled. Even though, his knees were extremly sore,  when he saw the Power Rangers he got up from his wheelchair and began to do poses with them.  The characters went out of their way to spend time with Ryan.  That last evening we had dinner reservations at the Pirates Dinner Adventure Theater.  We enjoyed our dinner while the cast performed the show on a ship, surrounded by water and cannons.  The cast was fantastic.  They started out the show by introducing Ryan and two other  wish children.  The said, “We have some very special guests in our audience with us tonight!”  They announced Ryan’s name and put a spot light on him and everybody cheered.  I was so touched by this, that it brought me to tears.  I will never forget our evening spent at The Pirates Theater.

The next morning we left for the airpoirt.  The lady at the Air Tran desk upgraded our seats to first class tickets and we had a direct flight home.  Ryan and I got to sit in the first class seats, which was great.  I can not begin to express to everyone involved with making Ryan’s wish come true, how very much this trip meant to us.  It made my heart warm to see the smile on not only Ryan’s face but also our daughter, Megans.  I would like to thank Vanessa for all of her work in making all the arrangements for us. She is such a kind hearted person.  Every time I would call with a question she was always so pleasant and helpful.  Thank you to each and every person involved with making my son’s wish come true.  We have such wonderful memorys that will last us a lifetime.  You each truly gave as the angels would give.


Ryan’s Family

-Vanessa (Wish Coordinator)

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