Brandon “Kicks It” with Chuck Norris, Thanks to Kids Wish Network

Longview, TX- A sixteen year old boy with a cystic lesion gets the chance of a lifetime when he meets his hero, Chuck Norris with a little help from Kids Wish Network.

Brandon is a true Texas boy with love for the Dallas Cowboys and the show “Walker, Texas Ranger.” His outgoing personality is matched in brilliance only by his smile and his great sense of humor. Brandon is a funny young man who loves to laugh and make new friends. Things were great for Brandon until May of 2006, when he was hit by a car while riding his bike. During his follow up examination, doctors discovered a cystic lesion on his brain. Brandon’s condition is exceptionally serious and he must be monitored carefully. Because of the location of the lesion, his doctors are unable to remove it. Brandon’s brain has ceased growing and has caused him developmental delay.

Brandon was referred to Kids Wish Network through an employee at the Children’s Hospital in Dallas, where he was being examined. It was quite a surprise for Brandon’s mother, Sandra, when she got a call from Kids Wish Network asking if Brandon would like to have his fondest wish granted. It took Sandra all of one millisecond to say yes. When told to choose his greatest wish, Brandon knew exactly what he wanted: to meet his all-time hero, martial artist and actor, Chuck Norris. Brandon’s Wish Coordinator, Vanessa, got together with Wish Funding Specialist, Donna, and together they lined up some wonderful sponsors and organized an extraordinarily “Texas” wish including a horseback riding lesson, a trip to “Santa’s Wonderland”, a visit to the Museum at the George Bush Presidential Library and, of course, the meeting with Chuck Norris at his Texas ranch.

After their arrival and some much-needed dinner, Brandon and his family visited the amazing “Santa’s Wonderland.” There, according to his mother, Sandra, “Brandon loved everything down to the peach cobbler!” He even got to ride the mechanical bull. The next day was Brandon’s favorite, and it started out with a horseback riding lesson at Royal Legend. When Brandon’s horse was first brought out, he was ecstatic: it was a white horse. Sandra says that Brandon had always wanted a white horse since he was a child. It was like a little “mini-wish” granted.

Following his horseback riding lesson, Brandon finally got to meet the “man” himself, Chuck Norris. Mr. Norris walked out to meet Brandon and exclaimed that he didn’t need an introduction because he knew all about him. Brandon was enthralled that his hero knew him! Upon seeing Chuck Norris in tennis shoes, Brandon thought, out loud, that Mr. Norris should be wearing his cowboy boots. Chuck Norris responded positively and told Brandon that he should be wearing his as well, to which Brandon replied he had outgrown them long ago. Chuck thought for a second, asked Brandon his shoe size, and said that he thought he had some boots just Brandon’s size. The martial artist then gave Brandon his very own pair of real Chuck Norris boots. After that, Brandon rode one of Chuck Norris’ own horses and was already ahead of the game, having taken a lesson earlier that morning. Later, he even got to ride around the ranch with Mr. Norris in his “Rangermobile!” “Chuck Norris was so down-to-earth and friendly!” said Brandon’s mother. “Everyone at the ranch was really connected and down-to-earth.”

“Brandon talked nonstop the whole way home,” said Sandra. According to Brandon, his weekend meeting Chuck Norris has been “the best weekend of my life.” About Wish Coordinator, Vanessa, Brandon’s mother said that she was a “real blessing,” and the same went for the entire Kids Wish Network. Brandon’s wish was, simply, the “most fantastic” wish anyone could have ever had, thanks to Chuck Norris, some great sponsors and a little “Guardian Angel” magic over at Kids Wish Network.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following for helping to make Brandon’s wish come true: Chuck Norris, The Longview Police Department, Wal-Mart, Knights of Columbus, New Hope Christian Church, The Museum at the George Bush Presidential Library, Santa’s Wonderland, Hawthorn Suites, Anggieland Limousines, Texas Roadhouse, Atwood Hat Co., Royal Legend, Gold Mountain Mining Co. and 2BHipBuckles.

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