Kids Wish Network ‘Connects’ to Teen with a New Laptop

Fort Smith, AR – Kids Wish Network grants a wish to a teen diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and gives him a new way to connect.

Fifteen-year-old Kenneth loves to play video games and watch movies. He goes out with his friends for pizza and Chinese food and doesn’t miss watching his favorite New Orleans Saints play football on Monday nights. He is your above average teenager, except for one thing: he has sickle cell disease.

Sickle cell disease is a condition in which the red blood cells created in the bone marrow produce an abnormal form of hemoglobin. These blood cells have a difficult time passing through the blood vessels to reach the body’s tissues. Those suffering with this disease experience severe episodes of pain and eventual organ damage; they are also at high risk for stroke and cardiac arrest. Kenneth has suffered this condition since he was five months old. He has been in and out of hospitals for much of his young life and takes a daily regimen of medicine to handle his severe pain and migraines.

Kenneth’s aunt, a long-time donor to Kids Wish Network, mentioned her nephew’s illness to a Kids Wish Network representative and was told to encourage his family to send in his application. Soon, Kenneth and his family were in contact with Jill, a wish coordinator, who set to work on his wish of having his very own laptop computer.

Not only did Jill get Kenneth a computer, she also coordinated an entire evening of excitement to coincide with the laptop’s delivery. That night, a limo was arranged to pick Kenneth up at his house and drop him off at Furr’s Fresh Buffet, where he enjoyed a star treatment: “It was nice! I felt like I was famous!”

While there, the Fort Smith Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Sigma Sorority presented Kenneth with his new Dell laptop as well as a touch screen printer and a gift box from Kids Wish Network filled with goodies and smaller gifts for the teenager. This gift box particularly touched Kenneth’s mother, Gwendolyn, who said that “it was like Christmas came early!”

Now that he’s hooked up to world wide web, thanks to Diversified Computer Resources, Kenneth does his homework more quickly, plays games with vigor and constantly chats to his friends via instant messenger. According to his mother, Kenneth loves his new laptop so much that she can barely keep him off of it! When she’s not trying to pry her son off of the laptop, she’s thanking Kids Wish Network and, in particular, Kenneth’s wish coordinator, Jill: “She was so nice, and kept us updated step-by-step through the whole process.”

Thanks to the “guardian angels” at Kids Wish Network, Kenneth got his wish and uses it every day.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank The Roundtable Group, the Fort Smith Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Sigma Sorority, Furr’s Fresh Buffet, Limousines of Fort Smith, the Hawg County Auxiliary #4416, and Diversified Computer Resources for helping to make Kenneth’s wish come true!

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