Tiffany’s new computer is the playground of her mind

RED LEVEL – Tiffany is a sweet and caring 13-year-old who loves listening to the Backstreet Boys, wearing girly fashion accessories and most of all watching her favorite actor Anthony Edwards portray Dr. Mark Greene in the television show ER. Just as Tiffany openly gives hugs to her family, she also embraces life with the same enthusiasm. While she is a happy child, her life has been anything but easy. At 2 years old she was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a condition with many fiberlike tumors of the nerves, skin and other organs of the body. Her eyesight has been affected as well as the functioning of her brain. Tiffany spends much of her time in the hospital, because not only has she undergone multiple surgeries to remove massive tumors, but also she is highly prone to pneumonia. To try and control her conditions, Tiffany must take various medications, use a breathing machine at night and limit most of her play to indoors.

When Wish Coordinator Madeline Robinson of Kids Wish Network was contacted about Tiffany’s wish for a computer, Madeline quickly logged in to making Tiffany’s wish a dream come true.

Madeline spoke with Tiffany and learned about all of her interests and favorite things. Taking Tiffany’s likes to heart, Madeline put together a personalized gift package for her so that she would have an extra surprise before the arrival of her computer. It was full of goodies including jewelry, cosmetics, art kits, Backstreet Boys cds, clothing, fashion accessories, plush animals and special autographed photos of all the ER stars. Actor Anthony Edwards sent another photo autographed especially for her. “She was so tickled when she saw it,” said her mother Mary. “She is so in love with Dr. Greene. She keeps hoping that one day he’ll knock on her door so that she can hug and kiss him.” Tiffany was very anxious to show the pictures to all of her friends at school. She told her mother that “It’s like Santa came for me!”

Tiffany was so excited to receive her computer that she didn’t want to go to school and miss her big delivery. Mary said, “I had to promise her that I wouldn’t open up any of the boxes until she got home.” Now that the computer is set-up, Tiffany especially loves playing solitaire, listening to music and playing Winnie the Pooh games on Disney’s website. “The computer has made her so happy,” said her mother.

Now that Tiffany has her very own computer, she can always get away from it all by playing games, listening to her favorite music or exploring the world on the Internet. Most of all, Tiffany can have fun just being a kid, in the playground of her mind.

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