Kids Wish Network ‘tunes in’ to Philip’s electronic wish

CAPE GIRARDEAU – Philip is a bright 14-year-old who loves watching Stephen King movies, playing video games and tinkering with electronic equipment. Because Philip loves to work with his hands and is so mechanically inclined, he hopes to someday utilize his special talents and become an electrician. While most teenagers complain about how difficult their life is, he faces challenges every single day that most teens could never fathom. Five years ago Philip was diagnosed with Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, and since then his health has been on the decline. He requires the use of a motorized wheelchair, a lift, and will soon need a rod inserted in his back to hold him upright and help him breathe, a tracheotomy and a portable oxygen/breathing unit.

Philip’s only wish was to have a big screen TV to watch all of his favorite shows and play his video games larger than life. When Wish Coordinator Kara Stecker of Kids Wish Network was contacted about Philip, she quickly tuned in to making his ultimate electronic wish a dream come true.

It was such an exciting day for Philip when his new 36” television arrived at his house. Philip’s Mom, Sandra said, “Philip loves the TV so much that it’s hard to pry him away from it!” While he enjoys it just as much on the days he is feeling better, it has especially helped to keep his spirits up on the days he is feeling too sick to get out of bed.

Philip will still have to deal with the burdens of his illness, but with the help of his special wish he is now able to get away from it all and enjoy just being a teen with his ultimate electronic dream.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank Best Buy for offering Philip’s television at a discounted rate.

Kids Wish Network is a nationally recognized non-profit organization whose mission is to grant wishes to children who have life-threatening illnesses. If you know of a child between the ages of 3 and 18 who may be in need of Kids Wish Network’s wish granting services, please call (813) 891-9374 or toll free at (888) 918-9004. You can also visit Kids Wish Network’s web site at

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